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    List of Best Computer Courses in 2018
    by Acme Collins School - Thursday, 26 April 2018, 4:27 AM

    Online Computer Courses

    There are many computer courses, here the best list of computer courses in 2018

    1. Basic Computer Course - BCC ---- Duration 2-4 Month

    2. Microsoft Word 2013 ----- Duration 1-2 Month

    3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 ----- Duration 1-2 Month

    4. Microsoft Excel 2013 ----- Duration 1-2 Month

    5. ...

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    Get certificate or Diploma Within Few Steps
    by Acme Collins School - Sunday, 29 October 2017, 2:33 PM

    After you complete this course, you should be able to have basic computer course certificate with in few steps - 

    1. Choose Course
    2. Pay course fee
    3. After you pay course fee, login information will be sent to your email ID or mobile.
    4. Take Test, if you are a master in computer and looking for certificate or if you are a beginner then, enjoy your learning and earn certificate.


    Available courses

    As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students and professors in the area of Digital Marketing.

    Students that plan to undertake the Google Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course, as the skills learned in this course will help them shape their strategy for the competition, get the most out of AdWords for their business partner and help prepare them for the Google Partners AdWords Certification exams

    Language Learning. ... Learn English: Basic Grammar. ... Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening.

    Corel Website Ceator is almost same as corelDRAW X8 or X6, After you complete this course, You should be able to have knowledge of Creating Website Template on which you want to create a website for company and  for general use. In This Course, students will be studying no code, you will learn here how to make website without using code even without using HTML.

    Basic of Accounting; Accounting Principles; Computerized AccountingTallyERPFundamentals; Company Creations; Features(F11); Configuration(F12); Ledger , Group; Accounting Vouchers. Sales - Purchase; Cash - Bank; Contra - J.V.. Invoicing; Sales - Purchase Register - On completion of this course, you will be familiar with - Accounting Principles and basic concepts and double entry system of book keeping and the use of financial statements along with Other basic concepts of accounting.

    Grew out of a research network originally funded by U.S. Department of Defense. - Development of this network, known as the ARPAnet after the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), began in 1969. - As the network grew, it was used for applications beyond research, such as electronic mail. In the early 1980s, the current versions of the core Internet protocols, TCP and IP, were introduced across the network. The term Internet comes from the word inter-network - an interconnected set of networks. In 1992, the Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN) released the first versions of World Wide Web software. - Subsequently, the number of Web servers has grown quickly

    scanning software is a very easy, sufficient method of scanning any documentation and linking it directly into your files. In this course, you are going to learn How to Scan a Paper and its common option.

    PageMaker is a document layout program that has extensive typographic controls, page design capabilities, and customization options. You can add, create, import, and arrange text and graphics and then place them anywhere on the page. PageMaker can also be used as a word processor (complete with a spell check) when in the Story Editor mode (found under the Edit menu). A word of caution, however: saving a document takes longer in PageMaker than in Word and the file size is larger too. Due to this, it is recommended that you create your text documents in Word, unless your text is relatively short. PageMaker can be used for single page documents (such as fliers or announcements) or multi-page documents (such as chapters or brochures). In addition, pages can have single or multiple columns, and text can be threaded throughout a document (just like a newspaper article that starts on the front page and ends on a different page).

    CorelDRAW X8 is the most versatile and mastery of it will allow you to achieve the outstanding results from your laser system. CorelDRAW is a very powerful professional vector graphics package usually sold with other Corel products such as CorelTRACE and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Some features will be familiar to those provided in similar applications such as Adobe Illustrator. CorelDRAW supports Windows shortcuts and is both configured with it's own additional shortcuts and can be customized to have additional shortcuts added. It has a vast array of import and export filters to allow you to work successfully with the majority of other applications you will encounter. Another advantage to be gained from using CorelDRAW is that it can be used to great benefit for a multitude of other tasks Teachers encounter in their day to day work. This manual for example has been produced in CorelDRAW.

    Learning how CorelDRAW treats the various objects you create and import is an essential element of your training.

    Adobe Photoshop CC is a popular image editing software that provides a work environment consistent with

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop and other products in the Adobe Creative Suite. This

    tutorial is an introduction to using Adobe Photoshop. Here you will learn how to get started, how to use the

    interface, and how to modify images with basic editing skills.

    Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint 2013 presentation PowerPoint presentations work like slide shows. To convey a message or a story, you break it down into slides. Think of each slide as a blank canvas for the pictures, words, and shapes that will help you build your story. Using PowerPoint with PDF files - PowerPoint There are some uses of Portable Document Format (PDF) files that PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 support, and some that it doesn't. Here's an overview of what kinds of things you can do with PDF files in PowerPoint.

    Microsoft Word 2013 is a word-processing program designed to help you create professional-quality documents. Word helps you organise and write your documents more efficiently.

    Your first step in creating a document in Word 2013 is to choose whether to start from a blank document or to let a template do much of the work for you. From then on, the basic steps in creating and sharing documents are the same. Powerful editing and reviewing tools help you work with others to make your document perfect.

    Microsoft Excel 2013 is one of the most popular software applications worldwide and is part of the Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite. 

    This free online course will help you switch to Excel 2013 from a previous version of the software, and will give you a thorough knowledge and understanding of Excel and its applications if you have never used it before. You can use Excel to analyse data, for example, in accounts, budgets, billing and many other areas. 

    You learn how to navigate this revised version of Excel, exploring the menu bar and the different tasks that can be done with it. You will work on sample spreadsheets doing basic math, adding and deleting columns and rows, and preparing the worksheet for printing. You will learn how to represent your data visually to show trends, patterns and comparisons between the data in a chart, table or other template, and how Excel 2013 will automatically do all the calculations for you once you add in the formula. 

    This course will be of great interest to all professionals in business, finance and many other areas that need to analyse data in accounts, or keep records of stock or schedules, and to anyone trying to keep track of their personal finances at home.

    Most modern businesses require some type of data entry, from financial figures to email addresses to article and speech transcription. Most types... ... A Microsoft course. Students should learn how to work with all aspects of the basic window's system, including Word, Excel, Access and even PowerPoint. A bookkeeping

    MS DOSIn this course we will start from the beginning such as like introducing the Command Prompt, different ways to open the command prompt, changing time, date color of MS-DOS, dealing with files and folders through CMD, Making programs, creating and editing user accounts through CMD, practicing network related commands in DOS and lots more … and at the end, we will show you how to protect your Privacy and do Ethical Hacking through the Command Prompt.

    ruby an introduction

    Ruby is an expressive, dynamic programming language. Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework for building custom web applications. The courses in this section get you quickly up to speed with the basics of the Ruby language and on track to building your first Rails application.

    learn to program and its fundamental

    Behind every mouse click and touch-screen tap, there is a computer program that makes things happen. This course introduces the fundamental building blocks of programming and teaches you how to write fun and useful programs using the Python language.

    Introduction to the computer science

    In this introduction to computer programming course, you’ll learn and practice key computer science concepts by building your own versions of popular web applications. You’ll learn Python, a powerful, easy-to-learn, and widely used programming language, and you’ll explore computer science basics, as you build your own search engine and social network.

    Introduction to python

    Now every student can create very simple and interactive application using python. our language of choice, python, is easy to learn and high level computer language that is used in many of the computational courses. To Make learning  Python easy, we have Added a help book with the examples and quiz, In this Part 1 of this course, we will introduce the basic elements of programming such as expression, conditionals, and function, and then after you learn these elements, you will be able to create simple and interactive application such as digital stopwatch etc.

    In this Demo Course, you will learn how to use online dashboard, and How will you take your exam and Certificate etc.