Diploma In Computer Hardware-DCH

This course provides a general introduction to computers, applications software, programming, hardware and computer information systems. Emphasis will be placed on computer literacy topics such as hardware, software, operating systems, programming languages, data communications, applications software and information systems. This course is suitable for students who wish to use the computer as a tool for problem solving. Course Content

1. Introduction to computer hardware and software

2. Computers as a tool: helping people solve problems

3. Computer categories: microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes, supercomputers

4. Operating system concepts

5. Numbering systems and computer's internal data representation

6. Spreadsheet software basics: worksheet environment, entering data/formulas, editing, cell references, recalculating formulas, designing templates, "what if" analysis, graphics

7. Database software basics: system environment, creating structure, displaying records, sorting records, manipulating records, report generation, query facility

8. Word processing software basics: system environment, features and functions, editing, formatting, printing options, search/replace and block commands

9. Presentation graphics software: system environment, features and functions, editing, formatting and printing options

10. Current programming languages

11. Internet terminology and use of a Web browser

12. The usage of e-mail